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Aprende a bucear

We hire only certified professional instructors with training experience to let you see all diving benefits and joy.


We help all applicants who would like to become certified divers and instructors to achieve the best results.


Get away from daily routine and join us in a tour to the most amazing exotic places around the world.

Full Service

If you haven’t decided which course to take or what tour to book, you can use our full service list to choose.

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some facts about what we do

Love it. Save it. Dive it.

[vc_column_text]Unlike other modes of diving, which rely either on breath-hold or on breathing gas pumped from the surface, scuba divers carry their own source of breathing gas, usually compressed air,allowing them greater freedom of movement than with an air line or diver’s umbilical and longer underwater endurance than breath-hold. Scuba equipment may be open circuit.[/vc_column_text]
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don’t miss it!
Triple Wreck Threat.

3 breathtaking wrecks packed into 1 fun filled day!
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Recent Blog Posts

Bucear en Tarifa nunca defrauda

Una de nuestras inmersiones favoritas, por su seguridad, por su biodiversidad y porque en este lugar se puede bucear casi 365 días al año es Isla...

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Dive Travel.
By Divers, for Divers.

Truk Lagoon was the Empire of Japan’s main base in the South Pacific during World War II. Operation Hailstone, executed by the United States in 1944, culminated in one of the most important naval battles at Truk.
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meet our dream team

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Happy clients
about us

I must say WOW! Being an experienced diver, I did not expect such a wonderful tour coming! I loved it. Thanks a lot. Me and my friends had a lot of fun, learned some new techniques and saw amazing places. Great job!

Kelly Joel
Kelly JoelManager

Summer is a joyful season, the one that is absolutely perfect for traveling, falling in love and of course for diving! Book the best tour and find the perfect diving spot with the help of professional instructors!

Caren Page
Caren PageStudent

No matter how far you have to travel to try it, diving is absolutely worth it! Thank you for making my vacation truly unforgettable. I enjoyed every moment of it, and I do appreciate your assistance with all the arrangements.

Monica Barton
Monica BartonModel
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shop picked items

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