Try Dives: Do you want to experience diving without having a certification?

Try dives are conducted with one instructor for every two students, making it a very personalized activity, which is perhaps the most important point to consider

Furthermore, in this activity, the equipment to be used will be mid to high range (we are the only diving center in Cádiz with this equipment), which means we will be much more comfortable.

Underwater photographs are included in the price.

Bautizo de buceo

The duration of this activity is approximately two and a half hours, of which approximately 1 hour will be spent diving. Let’s consider that the adaptation period is estimated at 20 minutes, leaving us with approximately 40 minutes of fun.

To ensure maximum time underwater, you will be provided with tanks containing 2400 liters of air. In the case of children or individuals with a slender build, tanks containing 2000 liters of air may be used to avoid unnecessary burden.

The activity takes place in Isla de Tarifa, one of the areas with the highest marine biodiversity in Europe.

This area is an intercontinental reserve of the Mediterranean and Parque Natural del Estrecho.

This means that from the beginning of our dive, we will experience firsthand a documentary about marine fauna and flora.

Our guides receive specific training aimed at generating educational content related to nature, which sets a clear difference from any similar activity.

“For this activity, group training is not required, and as long as availability exists and weather conditions permit, it can be carried out during the usual company hours.  (normally 08:45 and 11:15)